Letter to myself.

Of course I would be the person to leave all my work to the last minute. Some things never change. I guess I’ve been too busy clubbing. But what can you expect? The last one to turn 18. I had to go out with a bang. But now I’m stuck here and have two days to complete all my work.

Right now I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I love photography and it’s the only thing I’m good at, so I definitely want a career within this area, but what? I have no idea. This is why I’m so exited to be going to Coventry. As well as exited I’m also terrified. I don’t look like the sort of person who goes to university, I’m still the size of a midget and I can just about handle collage work let alone university work. I guess you can’t knock it until you try it.

I’m most looking forward to fresher’s week. I’ve heard so many stories and now I actually get to live it myself. I’m not really planning on remembering much of it, but I guess that always a good sign. I’m preying I don’t get to much work in the first week, but who knows?

I expect to make new friends when I’m down there; it’s going to be bad year if I don’t. Luckily I’ve already started talking to people staying in callice court so I’m not too worried. But if I’m reading this and don’t actually have friends, I must of screwed up massively. I’m quite nervous for the work; I’m hoping it’s going to be a breeze; but slim chances of that. I’m expecting it to be the most challenging thing along with my time management. I have no idea how I’m going to keep up with everything, between housework, clubbing and the actual work I’m bracing myself for its difficulties.

It’s crazy to think when I receive this letter I will be 19. That is if I make it through fresher’s week. I’m terrified of leaving home; but by the time I next open this letter it will probably seem normal. I can’t wait to go and see what my rooms like. Although I am dreading sleeping in a single bed. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to hack it. I have to do my own washing, cook for myself. I can’t cook. So basically I’m going to starve. And the worst part; No bath. I have a plan to make friends with someone who staying in a halls with a shared bathroom because they have a bath. Then I can use there’s. I’m hoping the plan works.

My biggest worry is living away from home. More about being away from my family more than anything. Although they are only a train journey away I’m going to have to be independent. It is exiting to but at the same time there isn’t going to be anyone there who I can turn to if something goes wrong. I’m not going to like not having the re-assurance that everything is normal at home and that I have to make a three hour journey just to get there. Hopefully before I know it will be calling Coventry home.

Personally I hope to have better knowledge of both photography and the world. I want to feel capable and happy about living alone without any worries. I also want to be academically stronger. At this current time I don’t have the best grammar in my writing and I tend to type how I sound. However when leaving I want to be able to write and read a piece of my work feeling confident with the way it is presented. On the physical side of photography I hope to have a much wider knowledge of what area of photography I would like to be in and what area’s I am best at. My main achievement for uni is to leave Coventry a much stronger, better educated graduate. If I do this then I have reached my goal.

If I was to give any advice to my future self it would be stop leaving your work to the last minute, it’s not worth it.


Vinyl is dead.

“Vinyl is dead, long live vinyl”, researches into the change from analogue to digital distribution. Although I struggled to understand each aspect of the figure’s I was able to reflect on how the photography industry has changed as has the music industry; both industry’s have developed there technical features to expand with the continuous modernisation of the industry.

Greg Hainge elaborates on the process of vinyl and its presence within its time.“Originally, gramophone records were cut into rubber, then later shellac, after that celluloid, before settling on the plastic known as vinyl which has now become synonymous with the format”.

After initial experiments with light and chemical reactions in the early days the originally photography started with a box with a hole in the front (equivalent to a pin hole camera). Light travels through the hole, when the light hits the film it reacts with chemicals to revel the image reflected. Photography uses light therefore making the film very sensitive, when developing the film three chemicals would be used. These include developer, water wash and fixer. These would have been carefully timed and developed in the dark; from this original idea photography has developed gradually to gain the result of digital photography. The music and photography industry have developed together as technology has become more advanced.

The music and photography process are very similar. Both elements have changed in a massive way due to technology. In its current days both CD’s and photography have became much more instant. An example of this is being able to burn songs straight onto a CD using a computer or transferring images straight from a camera to a computer using a card. This allows a lot more freedom as it’s a lot harder to lose an original copy of work as it can be stored in multiple places. Due to this freedom people experiment a lot more when it comes to editing either music of images because if it goes wrong you can start again.

I agree with the statement ‘vinyl is dead’. My reasoning for this is its not current thus it’s not used anymore. The public are much more likely to go a buy a recent music player such as an iPod because it is portable, you can store all your music on it and its small where as a vinyl is big, its expensive and its harder to access. Vinyl’s are now represented as antiques rather than modern day furnishing, this makes vinyl’s hard to find in shops and very expensive to buy. Many people may own a vinyl more for show rather than its music purposes.

Elinor Carucci

In 1971 Elinor Carucci was born in Jerusalem. Carucci is an Israeli-American photographer. Carlucci’s career started in 1997 with her gallery in Debut. Carucci has many bodies of personal work including Diary of Dancers, Crisis, Comfort, Pain, Closer and her most recent; Mother.

Elinor Carucci’s album ‘Mother’ was presented to the public in 2014. Carucci shows the public her intimate moments with family. Images may be considered challenging to view as the intimacy is extreme and contains a lot of nudity. The nudity is presented in a non-sexual manner however is used a lot in the album. Children being the key subject could be a cause of concern. As the children are unable to make their own decisions they have been bought up being exposed to the public.

Elinor Carucci’s work is often compared to Sally Mann’s imagery ‘family pictures’. Mann’s album was created in 1984 – 1991. Both photographers allow their creative art to flow using a constructed method. Both styles are posed or recreated to get a final result. Due to the time Sally Mann’s images were presented they would have a different reaction to the public than Elinor Carucci’s work. Sally Mann took a risk with her imagery as this style had never been released before, however key moments such as the release of Mann’s work made Carucci able to present her work with ease.

This album shows the audience key moments in a family’s lifestyle. The album has a shocking approach this is critically important as it will gain a wider audience. Through her album we see her children growing up. The album documents a life journey from pre-birth representing growth, development, emotion, sensitivity and closeness between Carucci and her children.

How many picture taking devices sold worldwide?

From the charts we can see that smart phones have increased massively in the past two years making them the most popular picture taking device. (1)The first graph detailing the global sales volume of picture taking devices shows 2.25 billion devices sold in 2014, with the rapidly increasing category of smart phones making up more than half that total” I believe this is due to its new technology. People buy smart phones for many reasons such as apps and data however the photographic value doesn’t go unnoticed. Today we are able to take an image edit it and upload it to any social media sight all on a Smartphone making it convenient to the user. Due to the upraise in smart phones many app’s and websites have been created such as flickr, tumble, instgram and snapchat. All these apps are simply based on photography as its main feature, these social networking sights and the smart phones work together to give both items the maximum amount of users as possible.

We can see from the chart that most picture taking devices are uprising which is good for the manufactures. One item which is de-creasing is cam-corders and digital cameras, these have fallen, I believe this is due to the quality of images taken on simple devices. Many people won’t pay for a big camera if they are getting a close quality with other image taking devices. A cam corders or digital camera only has one feature; this is taking images or video’s however items such as a tablet and phone have other qualities that make it more entertaining for the user.

My opinion overall is that smart phones will stay on top. My reasoning for this is they are more user friendly and have good technical features. I believe smart phones will only get more advanced with technology keeping them at their peak.

1 – http://www.david-campbell.org/2014/04/21/how-many-picture-taking-devices-sold-world-wide/