Elinor Carucci

In 1971 Elinor Carucci was born in Jerusalem. Carucci is an Israeli-American photographer. Carlucci’s career started in 1997 with her gallery in Debut. Carucci has many bodies of personal work including Diary of Dancers, Crisis, Comfort, Pain, Closer and her most recent; Mother.

Elinor Carucci’s album ‘Mother’ was presented to the public in 2014. Carucci shows the public her intimate moments with family. Images may be considered challenging to view as the intimacy is extreme and contains a lot of nudity. The nudity is presented in a non-sexual manner however is used a lot in the album. Children being the key subject could be a cause of concern. As the children are unable to make their own decisions they have been bought up being exposed to the public.

Elinor Carucci’s work is often compared to Sally Mann’s imagery ‘family pictures’. Mann’s album was created in 1984 – 1991. Both photographers allow their creative art to flow using a constructed method. Both styles are posed or recreated to get a final result. Due to the time Sally Mann’s images were presented they would have a different reaction to the public than Elinor Carucci’s work. Sally Mann took a risk with her imagery as this style had never been released before, however key moments such as the release of Mann’s work made Carucci able to present her work with ease.

This album shows the audience key moments in a family’s lifestyle. The album has a shocking approach this is critically important as it will gain a wider audience. Through her album we see her children growing up. The album documents a life journey from pre-birth representing growth, development, emotion, sensitivity and closeness between Carucci and her children.


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