How many picture taking devices sold worldwide?

From the charts we can see that smart phones have increased massively in the past two years making them the most popular picture taking device. (1)The first graph detailing the global sales volume of picture taking devices shows 2.25 billion devices sold in 2014, with the rapidly increasing category of smart phones making up more than half that total” I believe this is due to its new technology. People buy smart phones for many reasons such as apps and data however the photographic value doesn’t go unnoticed. Today we are able to take an image edit it and upload it to any social media sight all on a Smartphone making it convenient to the user. Due to the upraise in smart phones many app’s and websites have been created such as flickr, tumble, instgram and snapchat. All these apps are simply based on photography as its main feature, these social networking sights and the smart phones work together to give both items the maximum amount of users as possible.

We can see from the chart that most picture taking devices are uprising which is good for the manufactures. One item which is de-creasing is cam-corders and digital cameras, these have fallen, I believe this is due to the quality of images taken on simple devices. Many people won’t pay for a big camera if they are getting a close quality with other image taking devices. A cam corders or digital camera only has one feature; this is taking images or video’s however items such as a tablet and phone have other qualities that make it more entertaining for the user.

My opinion overall is that smart phones will stay on top. My reasoning for this is they are more user friendly and have good technical features. I believe smart phones will only get more advanced with technology keeping them at their peak.

1 –


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